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DEVIlink App & Room ImageGaia revolutionises modern heating management with Gaialink, a state-of-the-art online wireless control for both electric and wet underfloor heating systems.

The Gaialink system is based on an innovative, centrally-placed colour touch screen panel which enables all room temperatures and electrical devices within the home to be easily controlled individually or together, with the added bonus of online control.

IMG_2291The system is aimed at multiple heating zone installations and is designed to deliver maximum heating comfort while reducing energy consumption. Simple and easy to install and commission, Gaialink communicates wirelessly with individual room sensors and floor thermostats to give precise temperature control.

The Gaialink system is simple and uncluttered making it both good looking and easy to operate. The intuitive graphic display with its colour touch screen is easily personalised so that daily heating schedules can be controlled.

devimatclose2Gaia’s ‘hidden’ room sensor is designed especially for use with the Gaialink unit. This unobtrusive sensor provides an accurate measurement of the indoor temperature and is mounted flush to the interior wall so can be painted over to match the wall colour, making it almost invisible.

Gaialink includes presets which can be programmed to modify schedules during the week or while the user is away. The user sets the parameter then selects “vacation” mode before leaving. A useful “help” page is available to guide users in the event of any problems.

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