The MaxxConnect Family™– Maximum security for your basement waterproofing system

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The Maxx Connect roundWith the new additions to the ‘Maxx’ family, Delta Membrane Systems offer a range of products that bring to the market the most secure basement pumping systems for type C (cavity drain) waterproofing.

Specifically designed for the basement pumping industry, ‘Maxx’ technology takes an ‘intelligent’ approach in the design of the product range, resulting in optimum functionality, high levels of efficiency and ease of installation and service.

Included in the range is the established AlertMaxx high level alarm to alert you in case of pump failure. This unit is offered in two variants – the DMS270 for ground water and surface water applications, and the DMS269 for foul water use.

PowerMaxx battery backupThis model has been joined by the PowerMaxx battery backup which can run up to 2 standard V3 pump without mains power for up to four days, depending on the number of cycles per hour. It can sit in standby mode for over three weeks, and is virtually inaudible.

Two pumps are directly fed through PowerMaxx.  If mains power failure occurs the pumps automatically take power from the PowerMaxx which will have been fully charged during mains operation.  PowerMaxx will automatically recharge when mains power returns.

This free-standing unit can be installed in any dry ventilated area, and is fitted in the main power line between the pumps and their electrical spurs, eliminating the need for additional electrical spurs.

AlertMaxx MessageMaxx ConnectCompleting the line-up is the MessageMaxx telemetry system which, combined with AlertMaxx, gives remote monitoring when residents are away from the property. Messages are sent using GSM technology, usually in text format.

All of these models are ideally suited to the range of pumps offered by Delta Membrane Systems, making the company a ‘one stop shop’ for pumping packages and type C waterproofing systems.


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