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The new EJOT Concrete brick and Block range encompasses mechanical and chemical anchors applicable to all types of building substrate for diverse installation challenges.Those attending the recent RCI show at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena at the end of January, will have witnessed the diversity of fixing solutions for flat roofing, rainscreen systems and other construction challenges offered under this global brand; but the products are really only part of a holistic, service based technical offering.

We are all familiar with the map detailing the different exposure conditions to which structures are subjected, but it requires real expertise to translate wind speeds into the right fixing patterns and types. Crucially the EJOT range encompasses different options for mechanical and chemical anchors to suit all the common exterior substrates: including plywood, metal sheeting, brick or blockwork masonry and cracked or uncracked concrete.

By engaging with EJOT, contractors and consultants can access the company’s testing capabilities which will confirm the suitability of certain solutions to the location, the height or configuration of the building and the material which a rainscreen system or built –up roofing system is being secured into.

EJOT's new HTK2G 75mm diameter tubewasher, designed to meet SPRA guidelines for part-adhered membrane installationBrian Mack Technical Business Development Manager for EJOT UK Ltd “Globally EJOT is expanding its product offering relating to concrete, brick and block substrates: by consolidating our existing brands, through research & development, and from consultation with OEM’s and engineers. We have the products within the range to meet all installation issues into the different substrates, to tackle a wide variety of applications and performance criteria”

A further example of the latter would be the Trio ‘general application’ anchor for insulation materials, which is aimed at sub-contractors tasked, say, with securing insulation as part of a rainscreen installation. Described by Brian Mack as versatile and reliable as well as being very cost effective, Trio comprises two types of fixing pin, both of which combine with the same high quality sleeve.

New EJOT Trio ideal for general insulaton applicatoinsMeanwhile, the three Trio components can be used to fix into concrete or clay bricks including perforated types and aircrete blockwork. The 10mm diameter sleeve itself is manufactured from high density polyethylene to create a variable anchor zone, from 30 to 60 mm depth. The glass-reinforced nylon pin is intended to be used for securing lighter weight insulation such as expanded polystyrene back into brickwork or concrete. Then the metal pin will normally be used for heavier insulation types, though still being suitable for lighter EPS material. EJOT Trio then presents a generic, non-system specific product solution

Also prominent amongst the products showcased on EJOT’s stand at RCI the company was introducing its new HTK-75-2G 75 mm diameter tube-washer, for part-adhered flat roofing installations. Importantly it meets SPRA guidelines for bonded/mechanical hybrid installations and is suitable for securing insulation back into either ply or profiled steel decks.

EJOT’s technical sales engineers will advise on the correct fixing centres in relation to wind-load calculations, while the tube-washer and threaded fastener not only address cold-bridging concerns, but the telescopic design provides resistance to imposed loads.   With the insulation and membrane permanently secured using EJOT’s hybrid solution, the job is completed by folding and heat welding the laps.

With such a comprehensive collection of fixing products to choose from, and technical resources including site testing available to back them up, potential customers need to investigate the EJOT offering fully.

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