Which cycle solution is right for your school?

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Cycle storage is essential for every school. With a myriad of options available, which one is right for your site? To help you decide, here is a breakdown of the main types of cycle storage and their individual benefits.

The Sheffield Cycle stand is a common sight around the UK and offers a scalable and flexible cycle parking solution. Providing the cycle stands are installed correctly (minimum 800mm apart) each stand will provide secure storage for two bicycles. This style is preferred by cyclists as its simple design allows both the bicycle frame and wheel to be locked to the stand.

Type B Cycle Rack 1 (300x275)Cycle racks are better suited for the smaller, or tighter, site. Cycle racks, such as the AUTOPA Type B, offer a higher density of cycle parking than single level cycle parking solutions. The Type B cycle rack alternates high and low cycle holders, reducing the space between the bicycles to 305mm.

Cycle holders are ideal for smaller sites as they affix to the wall of an existing building without the need for additional space. Cyclists push their bicycle into the holder, and they are secured through the front wheel with the owner’s own lock

In order to satisfy BREEAM regulations, any cycle storage provided must be protected from the elements. This is easily achieved through the installation of a cycle shelter or compound; which are designed to protect bicycles from the worst of the weather. AUTOPA offers BREEAM compliant cycle shelters and compounds in a variety of different designs to match your site’s environment.

AUTOPA Limited has been manufacturing cycle storage and parking control products for over 60 years. The majority of our products are manufactured at our works in Rugby. We provide our customers with a comprehensive end-to-end service; from manufacture through to installation. To find out more, please visit our website www.autopa.co.uk.

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