Thermadome: High specification polycarbonate rooflights

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Thermadome polycarbonate rooflights from the National Domelight Company allow homeowners and businesses to make the best use of natural daylight within their properties.

Sizes to suit

pic-9-polycarbonate-thermadomeMade from high specification, UV-protected polycarbonate, Thermadome rooflights come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications, including square, rectangular and circular domes, pyramids and trapezoidal shapes.

Available in single, double, triple or quad skin constructions, the rooflights can withstand impacts up to 250 times greater than glass and are virtually unbreakable. Each robust model has been thoroughly tested and certified for purpose.

A flat roof solution

Thermadome rooflights are suitable for use on most flat roofs to improve light entering a building, including single ply, felt, hot-melt, asphalt, liquid GPR and lead. The design of the rooflight frame is completely weatherproof, with high security screwbolt fittings supplied as standard.

Numerous options

smaller-ndc-mast-1Thermadome products are available with a choice of fixed upstands, ventilated upstands, manual/electric opening hinged vents, or with an access hatch frame when entry into a roof space is required. Alternatively, NDC are able to provide smoke vents and automatic opening vents (AOVs) that comply with European standards EN12101-2 and can reduce smoke build up in the event of a fire, providing a safer escape route for occupants.

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