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7500Aluminium (2)The first product designed and manufactured by Howe Green when it opened for business in 1983 was an aluminium medium duty access cover, then known as the 750 Series.

Over the past 34 years that original floor access cover has been developed and refined into the product on offer today – the 7500 Series.  Used in high profile projects around the world the 7500 Series has proven it is a robust, safe and effective floor access solution. It remains the most popular product in the wide portfolio of floor, wall and ceiling access covers, hatches and panels supplied by Howe Green.

What can the 7500 Series Medium Access Cover offer you?


A 5 tonne pneumatic tyre loading

Suitable for internal or external installations

Tamper proof for increased security

Double sealed to prevent dirt and grease ingress

Fire rating options

Available in stainless steel or aluminium

Range of standard sizes available from stock

Bespoke sizes precision manufactured to order



Accepts wide range of floor finishes up to standard depth of 75mm

Available in single, duct or multipart covers

Fits flush with flooring

In good company

The 7500 Series is tried, tested and trusted – as evidenced by the high profile projects where it has been installed. These include the main concourse at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, Kings Cross Tube Station, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Copenhagen Metro, Hong Kong MTRC, Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi, Dulles International Airport, Old Trafford and the Emirates Air Line Thames London cable car.

A closer look…

Kings Cross Station

Kings Cross StationBoth single and multipart stainless steel version of the 7500 Series floor access cover were used at Kings Cross Station in the development of the Northern Ticket Hall.  An access solution was required that could cope with very high levels of footfall and offer fire resistance to prevent the passage of fire through service channels.  With a three hour fire rating to BS476 Part 20 1987 the 7500 Series was perfect for the job.

Old Trafford

When Manchester United celebrated the centenary of their famous ground they wanted to mark the occasion by burying a time capsule with memorabilia for future generations to uncover.  Howe Green was called upon to help provide a suitable access solution.  A special purpose 7500 Series was designed and manufactured. The access cover was finished with a rubberised resin flooring which was emblazoned with the Manchester United logo and takes pride of place close to the centre tunnel.

Achieving product longevity

When you consider that the average marriage in the UK is only expected to last 32 years it begs the question as to how a humble access cover can stay the course over three decades?

The answer lies in flexibility, investment and innovation!

Howe Green has adopted a “can do” attitude towards customer requirements from the very early days of the company.  New product development has been driven by customer demand – satisfying a fundamental user need.  The flexibility to rework or tweak existing products, or to even start from scratch with an access challenge that needs to be resolved, underpins the long term success of the product range.

Investment in manufacturing equipment and software to support the requirements of customer has been a further cornerstone in product development.  Performance, profitability, productivity and sustainability are all real life issues that face architects, specifiers and building contractors every single day.  Having the right design and production environment in place helps Howe Green to deliver sustainable, cost effective, high quality access solutions quickly.

When it comes to innovation it is not simply about installing the latest C.N.C manufacturing equipment or the newest C.A.D software package.  Innovation at Howe Green runs much deeper – from the approach to problem solving to the constant evaluation and refinement of systems and processes. All of which positively contributes to developing sustainable products that can endure the test of time.

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