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ACO Signature ImageACO Building Drainage offers a comprehensive range of stainless and galvanised steel pipe products and accessories which are available on short lead times and come with the support of the company’s in-house technical design team.

There are six other key advantages to specifying ACO PIPE™ products.

  1. Durability

Typically located under the floor or behind walls, pipes can be difficult and costly to repair. OThe ACO PIPE range is fully EN1124 compliant and has an estimated product life of at least 50 years. In addition, its stainless steel pipe products and accessories are fully pickle passivated for optimum corrosion resistance, can withstand impacts that would be devastating to plastic or cast iron alternatives, and can bend without breaking, making them perfect for use in high traffic areas where accidental damage can occur.

  1. Compatibility

ACO SestavaTrubek1 copyProducts in the ACO Pipe™ range are fully compatible with our comprehensive range of internal and external drainage systems as well as those offered by other manufacturers, making drainage system design, specification and installation an easy process.

  1. Ease of installation

ACO stainless steel pipes don’t flex like pipes made from other materials and as a result, they can be installed in longer unsupported sections.  ACO’s easy push-fit connections and the relatively light weight of its stainless steel pipes, also ensure that ACO Pipe™ products are easy and quick to install making them ideal for projects where short installation times are important.

  1. Cleanability & Hygiene

A failure to remove grease and other debris from the pipe system can lead to blockages which can result in a backflow of waste water.  Water can then leak back into a production facility, causing a slip hazard and compromising hygiene. Manufactured from stainless steel, ACO pipe is inherently cleanable.  ACO pipes can also be cleaned using hot water jet cleaning – the conventional cleaning method used in many manufacturing facilities where grease removal is a requirement.  The durable yet flexible nature of stainless steel means that ACO pipes expand and contract less than plastic pipes would in such high temperatures.

  1. Fire-resistance

ACO Pipe_MTCAs products are manufactured from stainless steel, ACO pipes are resistant to fire.  As a result, they can pass through walls without the need for to install additional connectors or collars that prevent fire spreading into adjacent rooms.

  1. Rodent proof solutions

Although stainless steel pipes are impenetrable by rodents, ACO’s range of pipe products also includes a rat stop, an added feature that stops rodents entering further into the pipe system if they gain access.

To learn more about the ACO Pipe™ range or obtain design and specification advice for your next pipe project, contact ACO Building Drainage’s technical design team on 01462 810400 or visit

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