NDC launches Lunaglaze – new modular glass rooflight with next-day delivery

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NEW Lunaglaze Residential lower kerbThe National Domelight Company has introduced a new brand of glass modular rooflight to its wide range of solutions. Lunaglaze is a standard specification, glass modular rooflight that is available in a range of 14 stocked sizes for next-day delivery.

Rooflights let three times more daylight into a property than an equivalent sized vertical window, with the Lunaglaze rooflight providing a stylish and cost-effective solution for optimising the use of natural daylight. Lunaglaze is NDC’s only glass modular rooflight that has two frame options: Lunaglaze PVC and Lunaglaze ALU.


5180 Lunaglaze ALU Electric HingedLunaglaze PVC is a fully-sealed, double-glazed PVC and glass construction with toughened and laminated clear glass. Meanwhile, Lunaglaze ALU combines high-performance, silicone-bonded, flat-sealed glass units with a fully-welded aluminium framework. This high-quality framework is powder coated and comes in a range of RAL colours, with RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey the standard colour. It provides a clean and minimalist finish from both an interior and exterior perspective. Practically, the flush external metalwork of the ALU option also ensures efficient rainwater drainage and avoids the problem of ‘water-ponding’ that can happen with alternative rooflight designs.

5180 Lunaglaze ALU copyFor optimum performance, the unit should be installed on a pitch of between 5-15 degrees. Both frame options are available as ‘top-only’ units to sit over a weathered builder’s kerb and can be supplied as a fixed unit or in manual or electric hinged options, which are perfect for controlling ventilation, specifically for humid areas such as kitchens.

The Lunaglaze PVC and ALU units can both be supplied as a complete unit with a 150mm PVC vertical upstand, while the Lunaglaze ALU can also be supplied with either a 150mm or 300mm splayed upstand.

Lunaglaze ALU has good thermal performance with a unit U-Value of 1.24W/m2K, and the PVC option delivering a U-Value of 1.26W/m2K. Sound insulation is also excellent.

Please click here to download NDC’s Lunaglaze brochure.

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