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Cembrit has expanded its growing portfolio of roofing accessories with the Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation, a practical fibre cement product that provides ridge capping for pitched roofs.

Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge VentilationCembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation is specifically designed to provide a high level of ridgeline ventilation. Colour matched for use with Cembrit fibre cement slates, the ridge is suitable for monopitch roofs ranging from 20° to 40°. The range includes start and end caps for a neat finish. Weighing 4kg, the product is lightweight, making it easy to transport and carry up to roof level. At 530mm in length, it is possible to carry two linear metres of ridge at a time.

“Monopitch ridges are regularly requested and we are pleased to offer a ventilated option that allows designers and building owners to comply with roof ventilation standards,” says Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager of Cembrit. “The slate mono ridge ventilation provides a visually appealing and weathertight roof. With its quick and easy installation, we are confident the product will tick all the boxes for our customers.”

Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation is a fibre cement product that complements the smooth, flush look of the fibre cement slates.  The ridges are lighter in weight than concrete alternatives, making them easier to install for a roofer working at height. The ridges do not require electric power for cutting, or any dust suppression equipment, equalling a much easier and quicker fitting process. They can be dry fixed with readily available colour matched “sela” type screws and installation is not dependent on getting the correct mortar mix, or having to wait for dry weather.

Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation has an air capacity of 5,000 mm2 per linear metre. The ridge meets the requirements of British Standard BS5250 ‘Control of Condensation in Buildings’ when fitted to the requirements of BS5534 ‘Code of Practice of Slating and Tiling’.

For further information visit www.cembrit.co.uk, email sales@cembrit.co.uk or tel: +44 (0) 208 320 1184.

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