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Iona2Part of a significant refurbishment project, TORMAX was contracted to install a sustainable combined automatic entrance solution to Iona House in Kirkcaldy, Fife.  Effectively minimising heat loss from the reception area of this premium office building, the 4-leaf automatic revolving door allows smooth access for employees and visitors whilst the pass door to one side offer an automatic entrance for less-able users and deliveries.

Working with Alliance Electrical Services Ltd, TORMAX recommended using their tried and tested, in-house designed, 5201 revolving door operator.  A high specification drive, the 5201 is especially slim in design, allowing reduced canopy height and a minimalist design to be created.   Housed in an adonised aluminium casing that is just 85mm by 640mm, the TORMAX 1201 operator that automates the swing pass door is similarly discreet, contributing to an aesthetically prestigious façade.

Iona3The £300,000 repair, refurbishment and sub-division of Iona House, situated at the John Smith Business Park in Kirkcaldy, was supported by funding from Fife Task Force which was set up in the wake of the closure of Tullis Russell Papermakers with a focus on supporting the local economy to grow and replace lost jobs.  Now completed, the quality office space can accommodate up to 400 staff.

“Revolving entrance systems have always been the door of choice for busy locations,” comments managing director for Tormax, Simon Roberts.  “Not only do they look smart and help keep foot traffic flowing smoothly but they also have excellent green credentials.”

Iona4A revolving door is highly effective at reducing heat loss from a building, but the low-energy TORMAX 5201 automatic drive allows door speed to be quickly adapted to reflect external weather conditions and foot traffic levels, further improving energy efficiency.   Ensuring the door continues to revolve with optimum performance, system specific data is captured and operation is automatically adapted to counter the impact of wind levels, or a build-up of dirt for example.

“This combination of an automatic revolving door with swing pass door is suitable for a whole range of different locations including hotels, retail outlets, restaurants as well as office buildings, “confirms Simon Roberts.  “It ticks all the boxes for accessibility, safety and sustainability.”

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