Enhanced security offer for mental health glazing

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CleanVent outward_opening_CleaningPane_sliding window 50pc(2)Crittall Fendor is strengthening its position as the manufacturer of the largest range of specialist mental health fenestration in Europe with its CleanVent Window which has been enhanced by the addition of a Slipper Clutch mechanism.

The CleanVent is an external sliding window system designed to provide a maximum amount of natural light and ventilation.  With security considerations uppermost in mental health installations the CleanVent allows the glazing to be cleaned quickly and easily behind the security mesh – something that presents widespread problems in other manufacturers’ products.

The CleanVent can be either inward or outward opening which has the advantage of providing an external opening vent on ground floor windows meaning it can be cleaned without disrupting the patient. When installed at higher floor levels an internal opening vent provides ease of access that keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.

The flush frame offers no ligature points and is supplied with anti-ligature hardware as standard. Health and safety concerns mean that it should not be possible for a patient to be able to attach a ligature – a wire or cord – to any part of the window in a bid to cause self-harm.

An additional feature is the Slipper Clutch, an anti-ligature dial-shaped handle specially designed to withstand misuse in addition to normal wear and tear. When the opening vent is at its fullest extent it cannot be deliberately forced open further.  The mechanism is engineered to ‘slip’ repeatedly no matter how often it is turned and will only re-engage and operate normally if it is turned back in the opposite direction.

CleanVent windows are available in steel and aluminium depending on the level of security required. They have been tested by the NHS for both medium and high security use and can be supplied in single, double, triple and acoustic-glazed options.

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