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For many years now, the UK Manufacturer Rawson Carpet Solutions, have been a manufacturer of  choice for nurseries, schools and universities across the country. With the relationships created and the reputation for customer service and the provision of durable products, The Company, part of the WE Rawson group of companies established in 1865 emerges as a brand with staying power.

Over the past 6 months the company have gone through a brand and products improvement which has enabled the company to keep up with the changing trends and requirements of this particular market sector. Products are BRE A+ individually assessed, exceptionally durable and with great new colour swatches.

Upon arrival at any Education facility, a suitable entrance flooring is necessary, to remove moisture and debris from foot traffic. Most importantly, to keep shoes dry and to prevent slips, and also to protect the interior floors from receiving grit and dirt from outside.

At Nottingham University Rawson’s ‘Trackmaster’ was chosen for this purpose, providing a proven cleaning and protection service to the many building users. The barrier carpets offered by Rawson are a tried and tested solution.


Passing through to circulation and public spaces, more design influence is the priority whilst still providing that necessary durability. Below is the public space at Nottingham University, where our Laserlight has been used to good effect with contrasting colours delineating differing area use in open plan areas.

DSCF4968 (2)

Below is bohunt school, a project finishes at the end of 2017.

Rawson 1

The multitude of colours and designs can surely fulfil the clients or designers aspirations

Still Heritage products such as Eurocord and Felkirk are a chosen solution providing peace of mind to the client, however, with new colours of Eurocord and with the opportunity to plank any product as is the advantage of working with a UK manufacturer, the solutions offered can be much more striking but still be one of the most economic solutions.

Rawson 2

Rawson 3

Rawson 4Further venture into the possibilities of using carefully selected deniers of Polypropylene fibre has allowed for a new product range called ‘Reed’ a product offering great aesthetics and durability in 8 naturally inspired colourways

Rawson 5Its early days for this newly released product range, but installations so far show a product which complements the environment greatly.


Indeed, with the introduction of the new Nylon SD products from Rawson, a truly striking design floor can be achieved with the option to make the floor a ‘quietback’ version providing up to 28dB.

Rawson 8

In 2018 Rawson Carpet Solutions proudly introduce a rich and diverse range of SD Nylon tufted tiles and have already had quite a bit of success in the Education sector with this offering. New products such as Countryside, Fanfare, Jazz and new Jazz lines enable a great aesthetic. Rawson 6

Sport solutions for indoor and outdoor facilities are met with spike-resistant ‘Spikemaster’ and the very versatile ‘Patio’ UV resistant sheet for play and sports surfaces

Rawson 7

Please contact Rawson Carpet solutions and see what that can offer for your Education facility.

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