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Kee Safety Step over platformKee Walk® Step-overs from Kee Safety, a leading global supplier of fall protection solutions, are a range of modular, off the shelf step-overs that provide a safe means of access where obstructions exist on a roof, such as pipework, plant equipment and conduits. Suitable for use on a variety of roof types and surfaces including concrete, membrane, metallic and composite, Kee Walk® Step-overs accommodate changes in roof levels to offer a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface onto and across roofs.

Standard Kee Walk® Step-overs are available in kit form to accommodate different height requirements and are delivered pre-assembled for easy installation. Each kit includes a double handrail and toe-boards for added safety, a choice of nylon or aluminium treads and base feet options to suit different roof types.

“Many of today’s roofs contain a variety of trip hazards and changes in roof level, making safe access difficult, if not impossible” comments Ben Rutter, Product Manager at Kee Safety Group. “Step-overs easily accommodate changes in level or direction and can fit over pipework or equipment. There is the ability to meet virtually any design requirement, with the end result always being a safe, secure and compliant access platform.”

With adjustable step sections, and non-penetrative fixing options, the step-overs have the inherent flexibility to not only protect those accessing the roof, but to also protect the roof sheet from unnecessary foot traffic and potential damage by providing a clearly defined access path.

Kee Walk® Step-overs are constructed using Kee Klamp® tubular fittings. Each fitting incorporates an internal set screw to lock the respective fitting safely and securely onto the tube to create a strong, stable and safe structure. This method eliminates the need for time-consuming welding or specialist skills or tools, saving contractors both time and money on site.

Step-over standard kits:

  • 5 clearance heights: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1400mm
  • 1m landing
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Includes double handrail
  • Freestanding base.

Kee Safety also offer mini step modular kits, which available in:

  • Two height options: 200mm and 400mm
  • Three lengths: 3, 4 and 5 tread
  • Two fixing options: freestanding and fixed.

Bespoke step-over platforms are also available on request via the Kee Safety sales team. Custom designed by the technical team to suit any layouts or requirements, these bespoke systems are suitable for any type of roof or surface, from metal to concrete.

The Kee Walk® Step-overs are compatible with other products in the Kee Safety portfolio to provide a complete fall protection and safe access solution, including Kee Walk®, Kee Gate®, KeeGuard®, and KeeGuard® Topfix.For those installations where a bespoke option is required, Kee Safety can deliver a totally customisable solution.

The Kee Walk® Step-over range has been designed in accordance to EN 14122-2/3:2016 for assured safe operation with the Kee Walk® being compliant to EN 516 Class 1-C.

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