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Suffolk_Lifestyle Image 1 newsletterInternal doors are an important part of your build and interior design. The choice of door can have a big impact on the style and feel of a room therefore it is important to consider your requirements carefully. Internal doors can be used to increase privacy and reduce noise between rooms, hold in heat when closed reducing the cost of heating bills or allow the flow of hot or cold air between rooms. One of the most popular doors available at Howarth Timber and Building Supplies is the Suffolk Essential Oak Unfinished door, priced at £62.50 + VAT, offering fantastic quality and value for money. The Suffolk doors are also available in various sizes, finished, panelled, glazed or as certified fire doors.

Howarth Timber and Building Supplies offer over 80 types of doors available in more than 10 styles including:

  • Glazed –Available as clear, obscure or decorative to suit the needs of different areas of your home, these are a simple method of adding natural light to dark areas such as hallways.
  • Suffolk Pair Image 2Fire Doors –With at least an FD30 rating aimed at helping to protect your home in the event of a fire. All our fire doors meet the necessary building regulations. We are members of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Certifire Fire Door Scheme and all our branches have staff who will be able to provide both guidance and best practice advice. All fire doors can be chosen to match or complement standard doors, and many of our popular door ranges are available in a fire door option.
  • White Moulded –Create a stylish and “clean” look with white moulded options.
  • Pre-Finished– These are ready to be hung straight away and do not need paint or stain to be applied. Pre-finished is a good choice if you are short on time.
  • Primed –These have been primed and are ready for a finishing coat of paint to be applied before it is hung.
  • Unfinished –These may require sanding down to prepare them for paints and stains. These are a great option if you have a specific colour in mind, perhaps to match existing mouldings or furniture. Choose this one if customisation is important to you. We sell a wide range of paints, stain, and preservatives to help you finish the job.

To complement your doors, Howarth Timber and Building Supplies also offer an extensive range of ironmongery products such as door handles, locks and hinges and includes the innovative Jigtech range to help fit your door quickly.

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