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Toupret’s professional-quality range of task-specific fillers was designed because this long-established company knows that filling is much more than a one-size-fits-all afterthought. Experienced builders and developers know that a good filler is an essential part of finishing the job well: reaching for one generic product for all jobs simply doesn’t get the same results.

JSF group packs with sloganOften being the invisible, but essential part of a job-well-done, filling deserves to be seen as the key to a perfect finish for a builder, designer or architect. Toupret allows quality tradesmen and tradeswomen to take this approach from the off, providing a product with history that improves the finesse of a build, renovation or repair. Toupret is part of getting the job right, rather than something to reach for when the job goes wrong.

Toupret has been dedicated to making fillers for the last 80 years, which means that the comprehensive range is built upon a wealth of practical, in-the-field experience. The brand’s product development focus is on producing and refining the best and its range of filling products is enough to keep any building, decorating or renovations business in dedicated go-to solutions.

Airspray RangeThe large range covers interior and exterior filling and skimming jobs, with repairing and levelling fillers sitting alongside fine surface fillers and wood fillers. They’re available in both ready-mixed and powder versions to ensure all bases are covered. In addition, Toupret’s new Joint, Skim & Fill range has been designed to perform perfectly on plasterboard jointing. The new Airspray spray-on plaster range ensures perfect results and quick application where there are large surface areas to skim or joint. This makes it perfect for large projects.

Easy to prep and apply, Toupret products are simple to sand to a precise, quality finish. They also do not shrink, flash or grin, which is a feature of many lesser fillers. You don’t want painters having to cover up, re-fill or re-paint filled surfaces again and again. Importantly, Toupret products comply with all key building regulations and standards, ensuring that construction jobs or repairs using them can comply to code.

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Toupret looks for challenges and seeks the finest solutions. This is backed up by the brand’s own team of Field Specialists, who are available to work with architects, specifiers or end-users as consultants to ensure that job is perfectly finished, whether it is a high-end home, commercial premises build or ongoing maintenance. Toupret’s aim is that building professionals can do the job once and do it well.

Builders, decorators and maintenance teams can access the results of years of top-class innovation and research by Toupret. Take a look at or call them for more specialist advice. The extensive Toupret range is available across the UK from leading builders and decorators merchants. So anyone can have access better fillers, get excellent results and, most of all, keep customers happy.

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