EJOT to introduce ‘super self-tapper’ for heavy-duty applications

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JZ5-8.0-is available with two washer sizesEJOT will be adding a new bi-metallic self-tapping fastener to its range which will provide a genuinely unique site solution for heavy-duty load applications, when fastening into higher yield-strength steels.

The global manufacturer has had huge success, and is seen by many as the market-leader where welded bi-metallic drill-point technology adds a seriously strong cutting edge to its self-drilling products. Now, the Group’s product development team has utilised this expertise to create the EJOT® JZ5-8.0 self-tapping range.

The new product is manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel but unlike other self-tapping fasteners, the JZ5 has ‘lead-tapping threads’ that are made from case hardened carbon steel. This unique integration allows the JZ5-8.0 to significantly outperform standard self-tapping solutions.

Testing at EJOT's Applitec Centre

Tagged by the EJOT UK sales team as the ‘Super Self-Tapper’, the new fastener has returned shear strengths of over 15kN and tensile strengths of more than 26kN in tests conducted at the EJOT Applitec laboratory at UK’s manufacturing centre in Yorkshire. But what makes the fastener unique is its capability to tap into high strength steels such as S-355 grades.




JZ5 Test data is available from EJOT's national team of Sales EngineersEJOT will be supplying the JZ5-8.0 fastener to the UK market in lengths of 60, 80 and 100mm with other lengths in development and close to release. The option to include a 16mm or 22mm stainless steel washer opens up wide-ranging application potential. Obvious solutions include rainscreen and façade installation where securing exceptional façade loading to helping hand brackets is critical. Similarly where composite decks are required to transfer high loading to steel substructures, the new fastener will present a fast, reliable and cost-effective option.

EJOT’s national team of Sales Engineers will provide more information and technical support. Specifiers interested in obtaining more information should contact the company’s Customer Service team on 01977 687040 or email sales@ejot.co.uk.

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