Rendered cladding that is durable, attractive and fire-safe: the ProWall system

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The ProWall cladding system comprises of high-performing products that create a seamless, highly-waterproof rendered finish for both timber frame and steel frame buildings.

New rendered timber frame housing

Luxury housing at Westward Ho!

Luxury housing at Westward Ho!

ProWall rendered cladding is ideal for use on new timber frame housing, creating modern sharp lines alongside metal, glass or natural wood finishes. The system uses specific beading that protects the render board edge and render, creates drip detailing, and ventilation under the soffits and at the base. ProWall has been used in luxury housing developments in Northam and Westward Ho! providing a premium rendered finish.

Safe cladding at over 18 metres

Rhyl Travelodge

Rhyl Travelodge

When used on steel frame, ProWall meets the new regulations and can be used at over 18 metres as the system is classified as A2-s1,d0 ‘reaction to fire’. Fully compliant with the new regulations, ProWall contains demonstrable barrier fire seals within the cladding that have been fire tested to 99 minutes integrity. Additionally, it has been awarded a 60-year certificate of durability from the BBA (an independent regulation body). The ProBoard render boards do not contain magnesium oxide so comply with current LABC and NHBC regulation.

Developers of the new Rhyl Travelodge chose ProWall to protect the hotel from coastal exposure, taking advantage of a custom-coloured rendered finish to match the chain’s branding. ProWall can provide a reassuringly different look to the building if used to replace unsafe cladding, with an attractive rendered finish available in a wide range of colours.

Renovation and repair  

Rendered replacement cladding is a great choice to update failed render on older buildings or homes. ProWall can cover a range of different substrates and uneven surfaces replacing them with a durable, highly waterproof rendered finish. Existing render may have failed due to the wrong products having been used or poorly applied, leading to water ingress and cracking. When existing render containing metal meshing or a sand and cement mix has failed due to weather exposure, ProWall is a great choice.

Reliable render cladding

Hornsea Leisure Centre in progress

Hornsea Leisure Centre in progress

The cladding system comprises of high-performing products fitted by trained applicators with a staged sign-off, providing a solution for timber frame housing and steel frame buildings up to and over 18 metres.

Rob Johnson, Technical Consultant at SAS Europe said “We provide training for applicators at our Training College, with hands-on day courses and testing to ensure ProWall is installed to a high standard. We have also developed a programme of CPD seminars for architects and designers, taking time to explain considerations for cladding, safety, and durability.”

SAS Europe have been developing high quality external render products for more than 20 years. In 2005 SAS launched their own rendered solution for timber and steel frame buildings; this combination of products, techniques and installation data is the ProWall system. The system is suitable for new and remedial build project large or small. Contact us to discuss compliant cladding ProWall with our technical team today.

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