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Toupret prides itself on its history and experience, but always looks forward when it comes to developing and finessing products. This allows Toupret to produce the very finest products for today’s construction and decorating industry needs, including the outstanding AIRSPRAY spray on plaster range – a series of pre-mixed high-tech finishes for use with any type of Airless machine and ready to use straight from the pack.

jobsite + G-2in1-JThese high standard jointing and finishing coats draw on the brand’s 80-plus years of product development, allowing them to marry knowledge and experience with progress and technology. AIRSPRAY products produce fine, first-time finishes with speed, efficiency and reduced mess and spillages. This makes them the complete solution for new-builds and redecoration alike, having been developed with partners in the sector.

As more specifiers and decorators realise the value of airless machine-sprayed plastering,  the system is showing its worth on sites more and more. Speed of application in large projects is a game-changer and can drastically lower labour costs. Reduced waste means efficiencies in product usage and added comfort for users in any environment also make for happy sites and happier end clients.

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AIRSPRAY G is a professional grade, ready-to-use high-build backing plaster with a bright white finish that gets the job underway fast. Right from the 25kg bag, it has excellent levelling characteristics and makes the perfect preparatory substrate base coat on uneven surfaces, before application of a finishing coat. It’s also easy to sand and finish.

The versatile AIRSPRAY 2 IN 1 is a levelling and skimming product that combines the stability of a backing plaster with the smoothness of a skim coat. This fine, white product can be sprayed straight from the 25kg bucket with no mixing. It is a great all-rounder, bringing quality alongside that flexibility, to provide you with a waste-free finish.

AIRSPRAY J is a fine finishing compound that can be used as a perfect top coat for AIRSPRAY G or AIRSPRAY 2 IN 1. The fine and smooth finish is also CE approved for plasterboard jointing and helps to speed up sanding on a job. It comes in a 25kg bucket.

Toupret can provide demonstrations and on-site guidance for these products, as well as bespoke training from our technical team. AIRSPRAY products and the rest of the Toupret range are widely available from leading building and decorators’ merchants across the UK.

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  1. Charles Thornley

    I would like more information on your spray products and training courses.

    I am a decorator that has different spray machine , majority are airless but I do have air assisted.

    On your image above there is no PPE, can you please let me know why?.

    Gloves, Goggles , Mask is what I preach.

    Kind regards


    Village Decor

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