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BPi Newsletter Cistermiser Easyflush no-touch solutionsBPi Newsletter Cistermiser Easyflush Direct Walkaway toilet flushing infrared sensor for commercial bathroom copyInfrared technology has started to consign traditional toilet flush handles to history, firstly in commercial washrooms (with practical no-touch solutions such as the mains-fed Easyflush Direct from Cistermiser) and now in domestic bathroom settings. Tiny young or arthritic elderly hands might find lever handles difficult to crank or fiddly dual-flush mechanical push-buttons tricky to use. To overcome these problems, infrared sensor-activated WC flushing valves, such as Cistermiser’s Easyflush combined flush and filling valve, can be installed. With options for close-coupled or concealed cistern-fed installs, solutions are programmable in a variety of ways, giving full control over the volume of water used and whether the toilet flushing is activated by ‘touchless’ operation (with a wave of the hand), or ‘occupancy sensing’ operation (by simply standing up and walking away from the WC).

BPi Newsletter Cistermiser Easyflush Direct mains-fed toilet flushing schematicPositioning of IR sensors should be carefully considered during installation, to optimise no-touch toilet activation. Easyflush Wave sensors can be fitted onto front, side or most commonly the top of a close-coupled cistern (as mechanical push-button devices), or conveniently wall-mounted to one side of the toilet at typically 300-400mm distance from the centre line of the pan. Flush operation is activated by the user bringing their hand close to the infrared sensor. A dual flush mode enables the user to select either a part flush or full flush by the length of time their hand is held in front of the sensor.

Easyflush Walkaway occupancy sensors are best fitted directly centrally, just above the close-coupled cistern, so that the user’s proximity movement will always be detected. Toilet flushing is normally activated by the user standing up and leaving the cubicle, although it can also be activated by the user bringing their hand toward the sensor. Dual flush modes are factory-programmed to deliver a part-flush if the user departs from the cubicle within 40 seconds, or a full-flush if the user departs after 40 seconds or more have elapsed.

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