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Presence and motion detectors are the devices that you want to be able to fit and forget, so you need reliable high-quality branded products and the Timeguard range has everything you need – including  a helpline for any queries you have.

Passive infrared is the most economical and widely used sensor technology and the key choices here are between motion detection and the more-sensitive ‘presence detection’, of say people sitting and working at a desk. Increasingly popular now are the models that get the combined movement / sensitivity balance just right with precision sensitivity covering the core detection field plus motion detection extending over a wider area.  Of course, there will be a price differential, and that’s why it’s important you can easily find all the information you need to make the right choice by simply visiting the Timeguard website.

PIRs are the discreet workhorses of lighting and HVAC control

Combining presence and motion detection: the top selling SLFM360N / Pic: SLFM360N 360o PIR detector.

Innovative master and slave set up- up to 5 slaves can simply be plugged in in series

Joined up thinking: Timeguard’s easy-install linkable mini-PIRs.

Check that the detectors you choose keep you in control.  They will measure ambient light intensity so they will only trigger when certain pre-set low lighting thresholds are reached, not in broad daylight. This level should be adjustable to suit the premises. They should also offer the option to adjust the ON time. If these controls are missing and/or they are difficult to access and use, the detector is unlikely to do the best job for your customers. Easy and accurate control are hallmarks of the Timeguard ranges, and one of the many reasons installers choose them time and time again.

With very low profile flush mount detectors,  the controls are hidden in the body of the unit, so look for good spring clips that hold the device securely while still enabling  you to remove the unit from an aperture with ease should you need to adjust the settings and replace it securely without damaging the ceiling. Or perhaps, if super-sleek profiling isn’t vital, choose devices that offer external access to the controls without compromising on looks. We’ve proved that surface mount can still look sleek!

We did a bit of lateral thinking with the controls on the linkable mini PIRs, which allow for an array of detectors with a master and up to five slaves connected using standard pre-wired RJ11 sockets. A quick & easy drop-down twist-and-lock design makes reaching the controls as easy as changing a lightbulb.

We also offer the option of hand-held remote control for several of our presence detectors.

Easy access to PIR conrols with twist and lock design

Making control as easy as changing a lightbulb … twist and lock back when you are done.

Of course, PIR’s may not always fit the bill for what you need, especially in larger and partitioned spaces, so that’s when you may need active microwave (MW) devices. Operating in different areas of the light spectrum, they send out microwave pulses to measure the reflection off a moving object.  The Timeguard models look no different from regular PIR detectors when fitted.  Check the website for more information.

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