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Toupret’s HUMI-BLOCK solves a perennial problem for those who need to repair damp-damaged surfaces during restoration or remedial work. This highly effective damp-proof skimming filler provides a breathable barrier that blocks water penetration while still allowing water vapour to pass through substrates. It is a much-needed, reliable solution that resolves an all-too-common issue in repairs and maintenance work.

HUMI-BLOCK’s breathability helps to avoid replacing simple damp or flooding problems with condensation and mould issues. The professional grade damp-proof filler draws on Toupret’s 80-years-plus of industry experience, is easy to apply and has been specially developed for use on substrates that have suffered from damp, flooding or water ingress. This makes it ideal for flood-damaged basements, as well as cellars or garages above the water line.

This expertly formulated filler is easy to apply on damp or dry raw masonry or brickwork that is otherwise clean, sound, cohesive and hard. It can be applied as a skim coat and, additionally, to fill holes and cracks locally up to 1cm. HUMI-BLOCK can be applied to dry or damp substrates, allowing trades to get to work on water damaged areas far more quickly once they are stripped back to the brickwork. This means faster completion and decoration, which equals saved time and costs.

Once applied, HUMI-BLOCK can be coated with any water vapour permeable paint or system, including Toupret products such as Joint, Skim & Fill, Airspray or Decorator’s Skimcoat. There is no need to seal HUMI-BLOCK after applying it, because it will do the job of blocking inward damp penetration and the unwanted effects that can have, such as bubbling, flaking or crumbling substrates or finishes.

HUMI-BLOCK has a working time of up to four-hours and can be applied with a brush or trowel. It comes in 6kg handy-sized bags for smaller projects, or 20kg bags for larger jobs or heavy users. The product promotes maximum adhesion of coatings and finishes and is classified for water vapour permeability standards: V1 for EN ISO 7783-2 and W3 for EN ISO 1062-3.

As always, the experts from Toupret can provide on-site guidance or demonstrations for this product, as well as bespoke training from our technical team. HUMI-BLOCK and the rest of the Toupret range are widely available from leading building and decorators’ merchants across the UK.


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