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Naylor Denlok 1After some 12 months of intensive engineering improvements involving significant cash investment, the Denlok Clay jacking pipe manufacturing facility at the Naylor Drainage Cawthorne site in Barnsley, UK has increased its capacity 3-fold to ensure the requirements of both the UK and Export markets can be fully satisfied.

The production facility revamp was undertaken after a full review of the Denlok production process and the investment was made to address various capacity constraints. Capital investments to improve the process included the installation of improved handling equipment, modernisation and refurbishment of pipe-end grinding machines, new coupling fitting machinery and improved product testing.

The good news outcome for No-Dig installation contractors is that as of 1 February 2021, DN150 to DN300 Denlok pipes in 1 metre lengths will be consistently available directly from stock. Other sizes will remain on a ‘made-to-order’ basis but with significantly reduced lead-times.


Naylor Denlok 2Denlok is a vitrified clay jacking pipe available in sizes from DN150 to DN600. Clay has high inherent strength and Denlok provides both high jacking strength and load bearing capability.

For example, a DN300 pipe has a crushing strength of 120 kN/m and a jacking strength of 4,245 kN. Denlok’s 5 bar rated end seals provide excellent resistance to root ingress and using clay as a sewer pipe material ensures pipeline longevity. Clay also has a high degree of chemical resistance to effluents as well as ground conditions that could corrode other materials.

As well as revamping the production facility, Naylor has also introduced a new management and sales team to support the Denlok product. MD Richard Edwards’ involvement in clay follows senior roles in businesses manufacturing Ductile Iron and latterly Plastic pipes.

Denlok Product Manager Stuart Steel has spent the last 6 years at Naylor working with technical products including Denlok. His previous experience included 10 years working with technical products in the construction sector, providing relevant project support to consultants and contractors. Reece Hargreaves has taken on the role of managing enquiries and orders for all existing domestic and international customers.

Naylor Denlok 3Commenting on the successful re-establishment of the Denlok product process, Stuart Steel said: “Naylor has been involved in trenchless technology since the very early days of its development. We have been conscious of the need to invest in this area to keep up with increasing demand and the production facility overhaul has allowed us to raise our game and service the market with high quality products available from stock.”

Richard Edwards added: “Having a history of working with various pipe materials, the benefits of clay in trenchless pipe installation are quite clear to me. Our new commitment to holding significant stock and providing excellent and consistent delivery performance will ensure our customers are able to provide the best solution on-time.”

The final word goes to Barnsley-based Trenchless Solutions Ltd, a leading No-Dig contractor with a wide range of guided auger boring capabilities. Steve Varley, MD commented: “We have worked with Naylor over a number of years, from when we initially started as a company to the present day. We have always had an excellent relationship with Naylor and have received first class support when required. Naylor’s plans to increase stockholding will help us further and ensure we will be able to utilise Denlok jacking pipes on more projects in future.”


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