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gold stone housesThe timeless appeal of the Cotswolds’ honey coloured stone has been redefined by a bespoke development creating two new homes in the beautiful village of Long Compton, where OMNIE has provided building services packages featuring heat recovery ventilation and renewable heating.  The brace of luxury four-bedroom properties has been developed by locally based DG Carpenter on land adjoining an existing bungalow, using a stock of reclaimed Cotswold stone that the building company had stockpiled over a period of years: giving the project an authentic appearance not possible with reconstituted masonry products.

gold stone UFHHowever, while period properties in the area can be hugely costly to heat, the highly insulated cavity wall construction has just passed the mandatory air leakage tests with flying colours.  This means that air source heat pumps will  supply the domestic hot water and feed warmth to the OMNIE underfloor heating circuits.

Simon Carpenter, who runs the family firm their father established, with his brother Andy, reflects on the success of the project: “We bought the former gardens and tennis court, along with the old bungalow, from the owners who had already gained planning permission for two large homes.  It was our decision, though, to go for a high specification and make use of the local stone we had available, as the outer elevation to a cavity wall build, featuring insulating blockwork and 75mm interlocking foam batts which still leaves a clear cavity of 25 to 75 mm, depending on how long the tail is to each stone as we cut them. “

MVHR The Gold stone“We’ve managed to carry on building, despite some disruption to supplies due to the pandemic, with the full services package coming via Jewson’s branch in Chipping Norton, while AJS Plumbing did all the installation work.  OMNIE’s own engineer undertook the final commissioning in early August and we were also very pleased that the air leakage test gave us a score of 4 which is comfortably within the requirements of the Building Regulations.  The OMNIE heat recovery systems will make sure the occupants benefit from fresh air supply while also saving energy.”

The Zehnder ComfoAir Q heat recovery units offer industry leading performance figures yet fit neatly within a utility cupboard, while 90mm ductwork ensures ample air flow drawing warm moist air from the kitchen, utility and bathrooms, enabling them to supply tempered fresh air to the bedrooms and living areas.  Within the past year OMNIE has also revised its range of Smart controls, which include room thermostats and a phone app. offering occupants whole-house control for optimum energy saving and comfort.

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