External insulation for warmer, more efficient housing

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Retrofit of ProRend EIFS external insulation

With the UK due to commit to a dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions, one area of focus is how we heat and insulate our homes more efficiently. External insulation is a solution for housing that achieves thermal efficiency, whileproviding an attractive façade for a property and protecting it against the elements.

ProRend EIFS (External Insulation Finishing System) is a complete solution for renovating properties, both residential and community buildings. ProRend EIFS, from UK company SAS Render Systems, adds a new, breathable outer envelope to the building, comprising of modern external insulation under a durable and decorative render finish.

Improving energy efficiency

If a building has solid walls, is poorly insulated, costs too much to heat or suffers from damp, then retrofitting external insulation can solve the problem. The Energy Saving Trust reports that external wall insulation can reduce annual heating bills by an average of £225 for a gas-heated semi-detached home.

ProRend EIFS gives compliance with Building Regulations Part L- Conservation of Fuel and Power, achieving the current thermal conductivity requirements for walls. There is also choice for the homeowner of colours and finishes.

External insulation retrofit project


Recent ProRend EIFS retrofit project

This renovation project shows retrofit external wall insulation to an existing cottage.

Retrofitted ProRend EIFS rendered wall insulation improved the appearance and thermal efficiency of this home, ensuring low energy running costs for the future.

The render finish is ProRend Colourtex render, that comes in a wide range of standard colours, or can be custom-coloured to match existing buildings.

Some of the many benefits of ProRend EIFS external insulation:

  • EIFS can be applied retrospectively with homeowners in place
  • Does not reduce the floor area of the property
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Reduces internal condensation
  • Gives a new finish to outer walls
  • Solid block insulation will not break up and release fibres
  • Seals draughts and cracks in brickwork
  • Prevents water coming in
  • Adds soundproofing
  • Render gives a durable protective finish
  • Contains biocides to prevent algae to the surface, so is easy to maintain
  • 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee

A housing association retrofit of ProRend EIFS this year

The ProRend External Insulation Finishing System (ProRend EIFS) has a long-lasting, highly water-resistant rendered facade. Unlike internal insulation, it can be applied without disruption and does not reduce the floor area of the house. It renews the appearance of outer walls, filling draughty cracks in brickwork, adds soundproofing, and protects the walls from further exposure damage. The insulation system will reduce condensation on internal walls and prevent water ingress from the outside.

SAS Render Systems can provide a quote to retrofit external insulation to your home, or support and supply long term projects to retrofit external insulation for housing associations. We provide the complete insulation system, including render and coordinating beads, delivered across the UK. SAS also have a network of applicators we can recommend to install the insulation, contact us for further information.

ProRend EIFS can be applied to timberframe buildings as well as solid wall, and there are several options for the insulating material, including A-rated options.

Contact us for more information about the ProRend EIFS system, whether you have one house to update or are looking for insulation solutions for a social housing portfolio.

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