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Hygiene and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in people’s minds. With the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Fridays for Future movement, the demand for hygiene and sustainability has increased. Especially in public and highly frequented areas, the demand for implementation is high. With sensor-controlled products, HEWI offers functional and design-oriented solutions that make the bathroom experience even smarter and create added hygiene and sustainability.



Touch-free disinfection dispensers enable hygienic hand disinfection

HEWI fittings are well thought-out down to the smallest detail and are characterised by a high level of operating convenience, easy cleaning, hygienic design, safe use and ease of maintenance. The HEWI Sensoric fittings enable a new way of washing hands without touching. A hand movement is enough to start the water flow and a preset time interval to let it end automatically. In this way, there is no contact and the transmission of germs is stopped. The build-up of germs inside is also prevented thanks to the integrated hygiene flush. The time of the flush is adjustable via an app. In this way, water resources can be saved and hygiene in sanitary rooms can be increased. In addition, the cleaning effort for the fittings is reduced. The sensor-controlled fittings are available with matt and glossy surfaces.



Sensor-controlled HEWI fitting

HEWI offers a wide range of sensor-controlled dispenser systems that meet the highest demands in terms of design and functionality. In addition to sensor-controlled soap and disinfectant dispensers, the range also includes sensor-controlled paper towel dispensers. They can all be perfectly integrated into any room concept thanks to different surfaces. There is a choice of polyamide, antimicrobial polyamide, powder coated models in black, grey and white and stainless steel versions. They all reduce the risk of infection through their non-contact use and ensure greater hygiene in sanitary rooms. The possibility of individual adjustment of the amount of soap and disinfectants allows resource-saving and sustainable action


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