Barrial Roof Edge Protection – The Safe Option for Any Roof Space

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Barrial_Autoporté_Premium_HDA few good reasons why your next order for edge protection should be for a Barrial Roof Edge Protection System.

Dani Alu (UK) Ltd manufacture and supply an un-rivalled range of collective roof and balustrade systems meeting a diverse range of project applications.  Barrial is the uncompromising range of aluminium roof edge protection systems .

Why Barrial?

Manufactured in aluminium, Barrial technically and aesthetically offers a superior choice in edge protection for flat roof safety.

Slimline look- Rectangular vertical posts of 20 mm wide result in a visually un-obtrusive system

Fixed versions – parapet, roof deck, slab, clamps for standing seams – all fixing possibilities

Freestanding versions – Post centres up to 2.5 m reducing number of posts and weights

Variable height adjustment – Handrail is always parallel to the roof edge

Green roof integration – Concealed base rails improves the finish and minimises trip hazards

Post options – Curved, bent or straight posts offering more design choice to suit the building

Colour choices – Mill finished aluminium or choose your RAL finish

Rooflight safety – Modular systems made to size – secure fragile rooflights quickly

What cost is compliance?

BSEN13374_Guardrail_Dimensions copyIMG_0252Did you know that a roof edge must have a parapet of at least 150 mm present for a standard system to meet compliance of 13374-A (100 mm for 14122-3).  If it is lower any systems must have a toe board installed.  Along with loading criteria, there are simple design rules to meet the current standards, but all too often projects are supplied without (why you may ask) and the building user left unaware.  Barrial is always specified correctly for the individual roof situation.  Every Barrial configuration can prove independent testing to the appropriate standard and every order follows a strict installation guide to guarantee conformity – the safest option to secure your roof space.

It doesn’t cost to do things right, more so when you don’t.  As for the price, well you might just be surprised that to do things right, doesn’t always come at a £££££ !

Why Dani Alu (UK) Ltd?

Barrial_Z_BentPost_1With over 40 years of experience in aluminium fabrication and system development, let us assist with your projects; advise on suitable systems; consult on roof requirements and constraints to make sure your projects receive the very best collective roof edge protection solution available.

Our advice is comprehensive and correct; our product is uncompromised and certified and we remain focused on achieving the perfect procurement experience for you from quotation to installation sign off.

Dani Alu will assist at all stages of the project to guarantee a safe, compliant and low maintenance system results.  Reach out to us at, call 01865 595160 or visit to view our range of aluminium guardrail, glass balustrade and metal works.

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