Hygienic Automatic Access Solutions from TORMAX

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Hygienic Pedestrian Traffic Control from TORMAX

TORMAX count+goOffering a modular solution to the pressing need for shops, offices, public buildings and schools to more closely regulate the number of people entering their facility, TORMAX has launched a new add-on module, TORMAX count+go.

Working in tandem with any TORMAX sliding or folding automatic entrance, this module effectively controls the number of people entering an area, setting the door to close when a pre-set limit is reached.  It also synchronises the timing of entry to ensure a hygienic physical distance is maintained between individuals.

“The TORMAX count+go module is quick and easy to install and doesn’t require any extra sensors, instantly freeing up a member of staff from having to stand at the doorway regulating access,” said Simon Roberts, md for TORMAX UK.

“Monitoring foot traffic is good business practice, even when social distancing rules are relaxed, ensuring health and safety regulations aren’t breached and helping provide a relaxed and welcoming environment for everyone.”

In addition to closing the doors when the maximum number of people entering an area has been reached, TORMAX count+go issues a clear acoustic signal to alert pedestrians to wait. As soon a person exits the building, bringing the number back down, the door returns to the open operating mode.

For further visual announcements to users, TORMAX count+go is also available with an elegant display stand featuring a large monitor for customized messaging. A second monitor can also be integrated as a digital advertising panel.

Operated via smartphone, tablet or laptop, TORMAX count+go is quick and simple for staff and employees to programme and manage on a day-to-day basis.

Hygienic No-Touch Access From TORMAX

3d modern design door handle

Door handles are notorious hotspots for contamination from bacteria and viruses and even the most rigorous cleaning regime can only maintain a hygienic surface for so long in a busy school, hospital, office, hotel or retail outlet.  Automation of existing access points is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of improving hygiene levels within any building.

Offering a complete range of door automation options, TORMAX UK Ltd has over 60yrs experience in the design, manufacture and installation of automatic entrance solutions.

Almost any swing door can be quickly and easily retrofitted with a door drive, delivering sophisticated no-touch automation.

hygienically-sensitiv-hd_4Most automated swing doors are equipped with motion detectors that promptly respond as people approach the entrance.  However, some situations may require different door activation.

Ideal for confined spaces, the TORMAX touchless switch ensures the door opens in response to a hand gesture or by passing through the close-range detection field.  The range is adjustable to avoid unintentional activation of the door.

If it is important that the door is only opened when deliberately prompted, the TORMAX elbow or foot-rocker switches can be conveniently located at an appropriate height to allow hygienic activation of the opening.  These solutions allow quick and easy access for all individuals, especially those carrying bulky loads for example.

In addition to automatic swing doors, the TORMAX range includes sliding, folding and revolving entrance systems, all delivering hygienic no-touch access.

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