Dorma Hüppe i-Track transforms moveable wall functionality

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SMALL 5297-021©McAteerThe innovative new i-Track from Dorma Hüppe has been designed to make the moving of tall moveable walls both simple and safe for the operator.

Modular in design, the system employs a sequence of curves and internal track switches to allow the smooth and easy movement of large, heavy panels. Cleverly harnessing the kinetic energy created by panel movement, i-Track utilises that momentum to effortlessly facilitate a change in direction as each panel passes through the curves, into and out of the parking pocket. Track diverters are used to manually program the carriers to automatically move each panel to the correct parking location.

Clyde campus 2The i-Track really comes into its own where panel height exceeds 5000mm, when weight can become an issue with right-angled track. The use of curves not only improves overall functionality but ensures no point of collision, reducing wear and tear on track and carriers. This significantly extends the operational life of the moveable wall system, contributing to long-term sustainability and ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

Since the launch of the i-Track, Style, sole UK distributor for Dorma Hüppe moveable walls, has installed this comprehensive solution in a variety of locations from schools and conference facilities to hospitality venues.

“i-Track innovation really is a game changer for moveable wall systems with the days of wrestling oversized panels now a thing of the past,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“As the i-Track makes it easier and safer for the operator to quickly reconfigure multi-functional rooms, the likelihood of the space being used to its full operational potential all day, every day is greatly increased.”

If requirements change over time, the modular nature of i-Track allows the existing layout to be cost-effectively altered, rather than requiring an entirely new system.

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