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CS_1Construction Specialties’ (CS) high performance rain defence louvres are providing maximum airflow and rain defence as part of an innovative cooling and power system at two energy efficient data centres in Germany.

Controlling the temperature and humidity of the air within critical infrastructure such as data centres is an important consideration. It’s why the Noris Network’s two new state-of-the-art data centres in Nuremberg and Munich have adopted an innovative Combined Energy & Cooling Cells (CECC) offering 70% less energy consumption for cooling and operation compared to more traditional solutions.

CS_3In order to provide optimum airflow and maximum protection from wind-driven rain within the space-efficient design, the specification for both centres saw the installation of pre-fabricated CS RSV-5700 Rain Defence Louvres.

Featuring a complex, extruded aluminium blade profile, the RSV-5700 is a 129mm deep, single bank louvre with excellent performance characteristics. Its unique blade shape is designed to effectively separate rain droplets from the flow of air and to collect them in multiple blade channels. The vertical orientation of the blades utilises gravity to allow rain water to drain away easily, helping achieve Class A rain defence up to 3.5 m/s, combined with Class 3 airflow and spacial efficiency. The system is supplied pre-fabricated in sizes meeting project requirements for fast and easy installation.

CS_2With data centres a critical element of our global economy, their functionality and design must never be compromised. The installation of CS Rain Defence Louvres at the Noris Network’s data centres has ensured efficient airflow and reliable weather protection for the long term.

For further project details visit: https://www.c-sgroup.co.uk/blog/noris-network-data-centres-nuremberg-munich-germany/

For further information on CS RSV-5700 Rain Defence Louvre visit: https://www.c-sgroup.co.uk/products/architectural-louvres/rain-defence-louvres/rsv5700/

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