What is cold applied liquid roofing/waterproofing?

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What is cold liquid applied roofing waterproofingAs the name implies, cold applied liquid roofing/waterproofing is the use of a liquid waterproofing system without the requirement of heat.

Waterproofing roofs (whether it’s a flat roof or podium deck) is one of the most important structural requirements of any building. A watertight roof performs a vital function in protecting a structure.

When water starts to stand on a roof, not only can it lead to structural damages, it can also reduce the roof’s lifespan.  In the roofing industry, ponding water refers to water that has stood flat on a roof for longer than 2 days following precipitation.  Ponded water on roofs can also be a breeding ground for micro-organisms and other bacteria. This can be particularly problematic where the roof is protecting a hospital or school.  Flat roofs are a regular feature on public and commercial properties such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres, warehouses and factories.

Cold Liquid Applied WaterproofingLiquid waterproofing systems or cold liquid roofing are a great cost-effective method for waterproofing both new and existing roofs.

Simple to install and long-lasting, there is little doubt that the introduction of liquid waterproofing has been one of the most innovating advances in the industry.

Cold liquid waterproofing is simple and ready to use, at once forming an effective barrier to water and humidity.

Due to cold liquid roofing’s easy to apply nature, it is suitable to a wide variety of uses.  Applied with a simple brush, it easily allows reach to the almost inaccessible of areas, meaning that critical areas for the overall quality of the waterproofing are continuously and completely covered, guaranteeing the total protection for surfaces.


Roof Guard Group ShotsCold liquid applied roofing is significantly faster, safer and less labour intensive to apply than conventional roofing materials.

Cold applied roofing, requires no torches, burners, or other heating equipment during application, posing no fire risks.  A cold applied liquid waterproofer cures to form an elastomeric waterproof membrane. Practically bonding directly to a substrate, providing a seamless, UV-stable continuous system, able to contour any roof shape for intricate detailing.

Why cold applied liquid systems?

Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are engineered to supply a fast curing, long-lasting, flexible, elastomeric solution.

Other benefits include:

  • Excellent adhesion to all kinds of surfaces
  • Chemical resistant
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Completely seamless waterproofing
  • No heat or special equipment needed

Delta provides a comprehensive Technical Support Service for architects, designers, engineers, specifiers and contractors, with guidance on product selection, design advice and installation guidance. Your building is one of your most valuable assets which needs to be protected to ensure its long-term durability. You need to be confident that you have made the right choice for your investment from the very start.

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