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Preserving the original design vision on a construction project is never easy. Most projects hit some level of difficulty in final construction detailing, pricing or programme. Simple building tolerances can sometimes prove problematic with precision engineered products.

So at ACO, our Drainage Design Services team believe early consideration of bespoke drainage solutions not only help achieve a look that ties in with the design concept, but also helps avoid the additional expense of having to change floor depths and disrupt project timing if drainage is left to the end. We can build in exactly what you need with significantly less disruption and cost than changing the design at a later date.

Our most popular bespoke solution is our ACO Radius Channel, often referred to by our engineering reference AS1010 or AS1050. This offers the designer a bespoke solution for drainage virtually free of the design constraints associated with standard or off-the-shelf product. Radius channel systems can be specified with great flexibility: width, radii, channel depth and grating aperture patterns are almost infinitely variable. We even have compound radii capability. This allows integration with surrounding materials and landscaping to create a creative, aesthetically pleasing design that has been used on projects across the UK including shopping centres, sporting arenas, major residential developments, educational campuses and more.

Using the most modern design and manufacturing techniques enables economical production, even over comparatively small numbers of units thanks to ACO’s continued investment in European wide state of the art manufacturing resource.

All channels are fabricated in the high grade 304 or 316 stainless steel and pickle passivated (Acid bathed) to remove all surface impurities, ensuring years of corrosion resistant performance.

All ACO drainage channels are available in bespoke sizes and via our specialist in house team enjoy rigorous project management from initial enquiry through to delivery. Our engineers are able to offer detailed advice on all aspects of channel system design together with hydraulic analysis as required.

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