Roof integrated vs Bolt-on solar panels

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On roof solar systems were the first generation of residential solar panels, consisting of a set of panels attached to the roof by a mount, which is bolted onto the rafters.

Although this type of solar system is well recognised throughout the UK, there is a growing demand for roof integrated solar panels. Here, we look at the benefits of in-roof, against on-roof systems.

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5 reasons to choose roof integrated solar panels

Pest control

Birds nesting under mounted solar panels can be a costly problem for homeowners. As solar arrays work to their least efficient panel, pigeon droppings and nests that cover part of the panel have a negative affect on the output of the system.

Integrated roof systems, such as the Marley SolarTile®, offer a secure system that leaves no openings into the roofspace for birds or rodents to enter.


Even though bolt on systems are now sleeker than ever before, the simple fact that roof integrated panels are concealed within the body of the roof makes them more aesthetically pleasing than the more bulky on-roof systems.

Roof integrated systems make it easier to pass difficult planning conditions and can even be used in heritage sites. For eg. Marley SolarTile® has previously been specified in the Cotswolds.  


As previously mentioned, bolt-on systems can provide more access to birds and vermin. This can lead to regular maintenance costs from panel cleaning to gutter blockages. Plus, the more times the roof is accessed, the more chance of foot traffic breaking tiles on the roof, meaning through regular maintenance the overall cost of the systems can be much more than the installed price.

In-roof systems negate the need for regular maintenance and therefore extra damage to the roof. Marley SolarTile® is seen as a ‘fit and forget’ system, with self cleaning panels and no access points for birds or vermin. 


With bolt-on systems, notching the roof tile around the roof hook is required. Modifying the roof tiles for retrofit projects will invalidate the roof tile manufacturers warranty. Including tile damage from extra foot traffic on the roof.

Integrated systems fit seamlessly within the makeup of the roof and requires no modification to roof tiles or slates. We also offer a 15 year Roof System guarantee, however our Marley SolarTile® is backed by a 25 year manufacturers guarantee. 


There are a number of design considerations when specifying bolt-on solar systems. The most notable being approximately 20kg/m² added weight to the roof structure which could have potentially serious consequences.

Marley SolarTile® replaces a section of tiles whilst performing as a lightweight, weathertight part of the roof with the strongest wind uplift in the UK market, meaning it can be used in all wind zones. AA fire rating as standard for complete peace of mind.

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