Cistermiser’s rEVOlutionary flushing control, EasyflushEVO, wins a coveted Energy Saving Award 2022 Water Saving Commercial Product of the Year!

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Cistermiser, the UK’s leading provider of commercial washroom water management solutions, is delighted to announce that its EasyflushEVO revolutionary, flushing valve has been awarded the prestigious Water Saving Commercial Product of the Year award at the Energy Savings Awards 2022.  This latest win follows hot off the heels of the EasyflushEVO victory at the Bathroom Manufacturers’ Association Sustainability Awards, where it won the Water Efficiency category 2022.

Cistermiser’s Managing Director, Richard Braid comments: “Being recognised once again as a ‘best in class’ product with this Energy Savings Award win, is testament to the hard work and intelligent product design that our teams have been laser focused on in recent months. For us, it’s all about sustainability and energy savings, and we are so proud of the way in which EasyflushEVO is playing a significant role in tackling water loss and eradicating the #leakyloo challenge.

“We all know as an industry how much water is wasted through leaking toilets. According to experts Waterwise, a leaking toilet wastes between 215 and 400 litres of clean drinking water on average every day. Between 5 and 8% of toilets are estimated to be leaking, adding up to around 400 million litres of water leaking from UK toilets every day. Against a backdrop of the climate crisis and the Road to Net Zero, losses like these are clearly unsustainable.

“The EasyflushEVO is our latest addition to the Cistermiser product portfolio, and its revolutionary flushing valve solves the problem of leaking toilet cisterns and saves up to 78,475 litres of water per unit per year. It achieves this by bringing together the previously unattainable benefits of non-touch and leak-free flushing. The patented flush design means there is no flushing seal below the waterline, so unlike traditional flush valves, it will not leak due to debris, scale, or seal degradation.

“We’re excited to see how far we can push ourselves through innovation to take our sustainability solutions to the next level, providing water and energy savings to commercial washrooms across the UK.  Being recognised and winning industry awards like these spur us on in this mission.”

Scoring a hat trick during this winter awards season, Cistermiser’s Sensazone has also made it to the shortlist of the Tomorrow’s FM Awards. Voting starts this month and we’re hoping Sensazone, an intelligent leak prevention system for commercial washrooms, will join EasyflushEVO in the water management sustainability hall of fame.

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