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With the unrelenting trend for domestic extensions and customers seeking to make maximum use of available space within their homes, Rooflights & Skylights provide you, the architect, with the ideal solution.

As well as delivering natural light to areas of a living space that might otherwise be difficult to illuminate naturally, well considered rooflights or skylights provide opportunity to free up wall space and overcome planning hurdles in ways that traditional windows can’t resolve.

And with the multitude of styles and functionality available, it’s easier than ever to provide you with the perfect solution to meet your customers’ needs in terms of aesthetics, intensity of illumination, thermal performance and ventilation.

However, there’s still plenty to consider. So, Scott Couldrey, Managing Director, Rooflights & Skylights, discusses the options…

Glass or polycarbonate

For many customers, the choice of rooflight styles available on the market can be intimidating, so we always suggest the first choice to make is between a glass or polycarbonate rooflight.

Pro Tip!.. If the rooflight can be seen from the outside of the property, then choose Glass!

There’s no denying that glass rooflights are a more aesthetically pleasing solution – particularly in domestic settings where it might form an architectural centrepiece within the interior, or impose a visual impact on the exterior of the property.


However, polycarbonate rooflights come into their own where functionality and budget trump aesthetics – with a wide range of shapes and sizes as well as different coatings and ventilation options available.




Function and style 

Allowing huge amounts of daylight to flood into an interior space and providing a clean, minimalist, yet stunning design feature, it’s easy to see why roof lanterns and pyramid skylights are such a popular solution when it comes to making a statement.

Pro Tip!.. Looking for a discrete means of introducing light into a single storey extension where the roof acts as a balcony or terrace…choose a Walk-on skylight!

Access hatches are a cost-effective method of allowing occasional access to a rooftop for the purpose of inspection or maintenance, while providing an invaluable source of natural light into an interior.

Our range of AOV smoke vents can serve the dual purpose of allowing natural light into a building, while adhering to fire safety and ventilation regulations – particularly relevant in buildings of multiple occupancy.

Thermal performance

With energy efficiency a growing concern among customers, thermal performance comes under tight scrutiny. As well as different styles and sizes having an impact on the thermal performance of a rooflight or skylight, the range of glazing options and their associated U-value ratings, also determine how much the glass reduces heat loss.

Pro Tip!.. Argon-filled glazing units act as a more efficient thermal buffer than air-filled units and can help your customer save money in reduced energy bills long-term.

Expert support with product specification

With years of experience, working on hundreds of extension projects, Rooflights&Skylights can help you specify the best solution – taking into account budget, aesthetics, functionality, building regulations and planning requirements.

Bespoke rooflight and skylight design

In non-standard spaces or unusual sites, building regulations and planning restrictions can turn up some unusual challenges and our expertise comes into its own…we’re here to help!

And, if our team can’t find a standard product fit for your project then our bespoke support service will ensure a solution is designed and manufactured to your custom-build specifications.

Contact us today for expert support with your next project.

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