Building Additions Innovative Folding Partition Enhances Flexibility at School

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Building Additions were asked by Charlton & Newbottle C of E Primary school to provide a solution to maximise space and create a more flexible multi-purpose area within their existing building. Installing a partition on a stairway would allow activities to continue in the hall without being disturbed by classes moving about the building.

One of the primary motivations behind the installation was to overcome spatial limitations yet maintain a practical functionality. Beyond its practicality the school also wanted a safe and aesthetically pleasing partition that was in keeping with the overall appearance of the school.

The solution was Building Addition’s fabric Concertina partition. Concertina partition doors are a cost effective way of quickly dividing an area for multiple uses. As such fabric partition systems are widely used in educational establishments such as primary schools and children’s nurseries where the configuration of the room needs to be changed quickly and easily.

Designed for top track hanging, fabric room partitions are lightweight, easy and smooth to operate and do not cause any obstruction on the floor space. The fabric coating on the individual panels of the partition system is fully washable and contains antimicrobials to protect against mildew, mould, fungi and bacteria.

Our fabric partitions are available with four different levels of sound reduction to cater for different levels of sound proofing requirements and are available in a wide range of modern colours which means they can be easily tied in with an existing room design and colour scheme.

For more information about our fabric coated concertina partition doors view our brochure, request a quote using our online form or call one of our team on 01373 454577.


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