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Inevitably as sustainable requirements within the construction sector rise, waterproofing of wet areas is also facing stricter regulation. Rising issues and failures across shower, wet room and bathroom POD installations with water ingress and leaks, prompted NHBC to issue the technical guidance 9.2/06 in the area of substrates for tiling with special attention to tanking systems used beneath tiles. Providing unrivalled peace of mind for everyone involved, wedi has an array of products to meet this new guidance.

wedi is certified: wedi products satisfy the construction guidelines and regulations that are valid in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. As part of the ARDEX family, the manufacturer can offer not only 100% waterproof and loadbearing XPS tilebacker boards and shower systems with all required certifications (CE, UKCA, UKNI, BBA, EPD, VOC A+) but also, compatible adhesives and grouts for direct tiling without the need of additional waterproofing.

wedi is modular: products are designed to interlock with one another and work with clever accessories in order to truly complete the waterproofing of the installation, forming the well-known wedi system.

wedi is comprehensive: whatever the project is – renovation or new build, stud or block, wood or concrete, wet room, bathroom or wellness – a multitude of suitable wedi products offer a full system solution that provide the same assurances from the floor to the ceiling.

wedi is fundamental: wedi substructures provide basic requirements such as 100% watertightness without the need for additional tanking, excellent thermal insulation (0.036W/mK) and vertical weight load capability (133kgs/m2) whilst creating enduring value as a result.

wedi is versatile: even with the most far-sighted planning, the unexpected can happen. The versatility and customisable nature of wedi products allows for subsequent changes with little effort.

wedi is guaranteed: insulating, decoupling, cladding, sealing, constructing, designing – whatever the requirement wedi has the solution – a whole bathroom from a single source with a 10 year quality guarantee and a 100% watertight finish.

wedi is effortless: wedi’s premium quality product range characterised by its diversity, simplicity and reliability saves time, cost and labour whilst also cutting back on risks associated with additional installation steps.

wedi’s technical support service is outstanding: on-site support and training for qualifying projects is also available.

For perfect compliance with sustainable requirements, choose wedi’s comprehensive waterproofing system marked to EAD 030437-00-0503. PLAN GREEN THINK BLUE – KNOW YOUR XPS!


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