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Interior renovation can involve a number of jobs, and to get the best results it’s vital you pick the best fillers for each kind of work you’re faced with. But how do you assess what you need?

It all starts with an evaluation of your site. What kind of surfaces will you be working with? Holes, gaps and cracks all need filling, but what kind of finish are you looking to achieve? Are you working with a bare surface or a painted one? Is it made of plaster? Concrete? Is it textured? Assessing this will allow you to better select the products you need, whether it’s for filling, skimming, fine finishing or a combination of different work. Just remember that a filler designed for a specific purpose will always give you the best results. All-purpose fillers are popular amongst DIYers, but we all know the saying about a jack of all trades…

Equally important is how you choose to work. Having the right filler for the right job doesn’t mean you have a lack of choice. Perhaps you favour the convenience of a ready to use filler or prefer the satisfaction and added benefits of mixing it yourself. If time is of the essence, you might be keen to use a fast-drying filler.

Ready to use fillers are appreciated for their convenience, though take longer to dry than powder fillers. Yet, specially formulated ready to use fillers for smoothing or fine finishing are often appreciated for their unlimited open time, meaning you’re not time-limited in your application. Powder fillers, meanwhile, typically have a working time of 30-40 minutes before they begin to harden, though they are capable of filling to any depth and do not shrink or slump.

Fast drying fillers can also be found in both powder and ready to use form. Toupret’s Quick Dry Filler, for example is a powder filler that’s ready to paint in 3 hours, whilst Quick Fill is a lightweight, ready mixed filler that can be painted in as little as 30 minutes. Once again, however, it’s all down to your job needs as well as your preference.

As the trend in the use of plasterboard in developments and renovation continues to grow, options for taping, jointing and finishing your plasterboard are also increasing to cater to every jobsite demand. Manual options include fillers certified for jointing plasterboard in both powder and ready to use form, quick drying solutions to help you meet that looming completion date, or ready mixed compounds designed with unlimited working times for covering larger areas while minimising waste and mixing time.

Time, money and effort savings reach a new level with a filler that can be machine applied. Airless spray plastering is a relatively new technology in the UK that uses a high-pressure machine, much like a paint sprayer, to force specially formulated filler (or ‘plaster’) onto a surface for use as a jointing, levelling or finishing compound. The system allows you to cover a far greater area faster than doing the work by hand, meaning you can finish the job quicker, economising on labour and cost.

Toupret offers an extensive range of interior fillers for filling and repairs, skimming, levelling and finishing, as well as plasterboard jointing and finishing solutions and fillers for use with airless machines.

Head on over to  or the Toupret mobile app to try out their easy selection and comparison tools – compare up to 5 products that interest you and find the perfect one for your job.

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