Precast Concrete Headwalls

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Sewers for Adoption/ Sewerage Sector Guidance

All Althon precast concrete Sewers for Adoption (SFA) headwalls fully comply with the recently published Design and Construction Guidance for foul and surface water sewers offered for adoption under the Code for adoption agreements for water and sewerage companies operating wholly or mainly in England, Sewerage Sector Guidance (SSG) Part C.

Compliance includes wall thickness, depth and thickness of toe options, back wall width to accept correctly sized outfall safety grille & wing wall profiles to suit bank slope.

Althon headwalls are manufactured to BS EN 1992-1-1 & BS EN 15258:2008 precast concrete products – Retaining wall elements. They are also covered by Factory Production Control certificate number: 0086-CPR-650448 which means they are UKCA marked.

There are 5 widths of headwall available in the SFA range capable of accommodating pipes up to and including 1500mm internal diameter. The 4 larger widths are available with a flat or sloped apron for use as an outlet or inlet/outfall. Each width is available with a range of back wall heights.

Openings for pipes, elliptical pipes & box culverts can be cast into the back wall at the invert level required.

Eco 1

All Althon headwalls are manufactured using a trademarked eco1TM concrete mix design. The standard eco1TM concrete mix, which is a Cement & GGBS blend, significantly reduces C02e emissions by 50% when compared to a standard CEM1 concrete mix. In addition to eco1’sTM environmental credentials; it achieves Design Chemical Class 4 and Design Sulphate Class 4 making Althon headwalls suitable for use in aggressive environments.

Althon headwalls can also be manufactured using other proprietary mix designs for even greater carbon savings.

C02e stands for Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

C02e is a unit of measurement used to express the amount of greenhouse gasses emited because of human activity.


Coloured Headwalls

Althon are now able to offer coloured headwalls for aesthetically sensitive areas. Our coloured concrete headwalls can help the installation blend into the surrounding landscape.

Althon use a colouring additive for cementitious materials. It provides a uniform streak free colour.

Colours shown are approximations of our colour mix in a typical concrete using mid grey Portland cement and having an as-cast surface. The final colour is affected by many influences.

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