Cistermiser’s EasyflushEVO prevents ‘leaky loos’ – saving thousands of litres of water

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Cistermiser’s EasyflushEVO toilet flushing valve prevents ‘leaky loos’, saving significant volumes of water in commercial and public sector buildings. It’s a straightforward, cost-effective solution that is ideal for new or retrofit installations.

According to Waterwise, between five and eight per cent of UK toilets are leaking. These ‘leaky loos’ are wasting as much as 400 million litres of clean, fresh water every day across both non-domestic and domestic buildings. It is estimated that a third of commercial washrooms have at least one leaky toilet – each could be wasting between 215 and 400 litres of water on average per day. As well as having a detrimental impact on the UK’s precious water reserves (which are under pressure from climate change, population growth and rising water use), leaks also result in higher utility costs – just six leaking toilets could increase a building’s water bill by £2,500 a year.

A large proportion of ‘leaky loos’ are dual flush toilets fitted with drop flush valves. While dual flush toilets were designed to help reduce water consumption (in theory, the smaller, part flush should use four litres of water and the larger, full flush should use six litres), unfortunately some models can leak. The issue is that drop flush valves will usually start to degrade over time, resulting in leaks. The seal on a drop flush valve tends to be situated below the cistern’s water line, and limescale deposits and debris (commonly found in cistern water) can cause degradation, as can chemicals if they are also present in the water.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to detect leaks, and they can be present for some time before they are identified. In fact, research suggests that a leak needs to reach around 300 litres of water a day before the issue is identified  (this is the point at which the leak becomes audible or more visible  . It is therefore essential to prevent leaks occurring in the first place – but this doesn’t mean that dual flush toilets shouldn’t be specified. The issue can be quickly resolved by selecting  an appropriate  dual flush flush valve  initially .

The revolutionary EasyflushEVO siphonic flushing valve from Cistermiser is engineered to eradicate water leakage from dual flush toilets. Unlike with drop valves, EasyflushEVO does not have a flush seal below the water line, so it will not leak due to debris, scale or degradation of the seal. It is ideal for new applications or can be easily retrofitted, in either a duel flush or single flush configuration. Each unit can save up to 146,000 litres of water per year. It’s also a cost-effective solution – a return on investment can be achieved in just seven months.

There are three variations of EasyflushEVO available: an EVO 1.5” flushing valve, an EVO 2” flushing valve and EVO CISTERN – a complete flushing cistern kit, which includes an EasyflushEVO flushing valve, a fill valve and a concealed cistern with a 1.5” flush pipe outlet and flush cone.

EasyflushEVO’s unique patented design means no other solution on the market can address water wastage from ‘leaky loos’ in the same way. It also has WRAS and Kiwa UK Regulation 4 product approvals, has won multiple industry awards and is installed in some prestigious projects across the UK.

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