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Epernay Doors - DSC_6214cc  The Hadrian toilet cubicles installed in the ladies toilets at the Epernay Champagne Bar in Manchester where carefully chosen to match the mood of the existing decor by specifying a particular RAL colour, a service available in the UK from Relcross Limited. When the bar was bought in 2014 by VCP Taverns a redecoration and upgrade was immediately implemented. While the tiles and walls in the ladies toilets were in reasonable condition and needed little more than some tlc, the cubicles had definitely seen better days and were certainly not meeting the champagne expectations of either the customers or the new owners.

What they needed were cubicles that were much more durable, would look good for years and could harmonise with the shade of purple/brown that featured elsewhere in the room. Hadrian Elite steel cubicles from Relcross were chosen and specified in RAL 8002 Signal Brown. These floor mounted, overhead braced toilet partitions are especially suitable for heavy use areas and require no special structural provisions to effect a rigid installation. They can be erected on any type of floor.

Epernay Doors - DSC_6267aManufactured in North America, specially for the UK market, the Elite series ensures privacy by using continuous stop and hinge sight line fillers along with a minimal 150mm gap from the floor to the underside of the door and panels. They are available in a choice of over 200 RAL colours to match just about any designer colour scheme.

Hadrian utilizes the latest powder coating technology to apply a hard, even and run-free finish. After a thorough cleaning and phosphatizing process, electrical charges ensure that the powder paint adheres uniformly over the entire product surface. The powder is then oven cured to create an attractive, permanent and consistent finish that covers every area of the product and resists impact, abrasions, chemicals, detergents and acids.

Thicker paint application helps to combat rust. Powder coating allows a greater paint thickness to be applied without compromising surface uniformity. Wet paints simply cannot achieve the same thickness without the threat of unsightly runs and surface irregularities.

Epernay Doors - DSC_6289The celebratory mood of the bar is continued in the loos with the walls decorated with pithy champagne related quotes from famous champagne drinkers as diverse as Marlene Dietrich and Napoleon Bonaparte. A year after the installation was completed the cubicles have been subjected to continual use but are looking as good as new and maintaining the venue’s quality image and appeal.

The Epernay Champagne Bar is rapidly becoming the place to chill out in central Manchester. Located within cork popping distance of the Manchester Central Convention Complex, they are also very popular for afternoon teas and Champagne Masterclasses for bridal parties.

For further information about Hadrian Toilet Partitions and Lockers visit www.hadrian-cubicles.co.uk, call Relcross on 01380 729600 or email sales@relcross.co.uk

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