FAKRO launches RAL colours for flat roof windows

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Introduction of the DEF flat roof window in 2014 redefined the visual aesthetic for such products but the launch of ‘ColourLine’ has taken the offering a stage further by enabling outer cladding to be specified in any RAL colour from the ‘Classic Palette’. Whether to blend with a green roof, colours used in terrace landscaping or tiles on pitches up to 15°, the design scope is virtually limitless.

Thermally efficient triple or quadruple-glazed units can be ordered, the DEF U8 window offering an unparalleled level of performance with an installed U-value of 0.76 W/m²K. This means roof windows can be used not just in standard flat roof extensions but in passive house designs. With a glazing area up to 16% greater than other manufacturers’ windows of comparable size, they can also be used to replace existing skylights, greatly improving availability of natural light.

Interior surfaces of frame and sash are white PVC, making them ideal for bathrooms and wetrooms. All have a 6mm toughened outer and a P2A anti-burglary laminated inner pane while electrically operated windows have a built-in sensor to activate sash closure when rain is detected.

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