Zehnder Presents its New Radiant Conditioning CPD

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Radiant Conditioning_1As part of its ongoing initiative to share its knowledge and experience, Zehnder Group UK, the leading specialist in indoor climate solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of its new Radiant Conditioning CPD. Part of a range of certified Continuing Professional Development training resources offered by Zehnder that cover key technologies used to heat, cool and ventilate buildings, including Radiant Heating and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, this new CPD will be hugely beneficial to engineers, Energy Managers, Specifiers, Facility Managers and architects.

The issue of cooling is gaining greater prominence in today’s society, as buildings experience heating issues such as humidity, overheating and solar shading, which impact on the well-being of occupants. The Zehnder Radiant Conditioning CPD looks at the different cooling solutions that are available, their limitations, capabilities and the benefits that can be gained from utilising radiant conditioning solutions.

Radiant Conditioning_2Good practice that can be adopted for system design is also discussed, as well as the application of conditioning solutions in varied environments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of cooling issues that pertain within buildings today
  • Detailing of cooling solutions that are available
  • Benefits that can be gained by radiant conditioning
  • Understanding of system design options
  • Examples of cooling solutions

To find out more about the Radiant Conditioning CPD and to arrange for Zehnder to come and present it at a location of your choice, please click here. As with all Zehnder’s CPDs, there will be no charge attached.

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