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Aco 2To mark the launch of the latest version of our Modular 125 Channel – “Modular 125+” – we give you five fast facts about one of the most popular drainage channels on the market.

Benefiting from an impressive track record of success, Modular 125 has been used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications ranging from airports and railways stations to Aco 3food manufacturing facilities to prestigious buildings such as London City Hall.  To mark the launch of the latest version of this channel design – Modular 125+ – we give you five core reasons why Modular 125+ continues to be the popular choice for architects, engineers other specifiers and installers.

1. It’s modular!

A linear channel drainage system which is available in a wide range of off-the-shelf options including a choice of lengths, inverts and gratings, a Modular 125+ drainage system is easy to design and particularly easy to install.

2. It can be easily modified

Providing complete design flexibility, Modular 125+ can be engineered by our in-house design team to suit specific and unusual requirements of individual projects.

3. It’s manufactured from fully pickle passivated stainless steel

Manufactured in Grade 304 or Grade 316 stainless steel, Modular 125+ is – like all of our stainless steel drainage products – fully pickle passivated to enable corrosion resistance and optimum durability. In addition, all Modular 125+ channel is manufactured in ACO’s state-of-the-art facility to guarantee high quality and consistent levels of performance.

4. It’s compatible

Modular 125+ is fully compatible with our range of ACO gullies, ACO pipe, bespoke gratings and a wide range of complementary drainage products.

5. It now has NEW levelling feet!

Aco 1The latest version of Modular 125 – Modular 125+ – comes complete with newly designed levelling feet to enable even easier installation, more accurate adjustment to ensure optimum hydraulic flow and a reduction in the required installation time. This enhancement to the original Modular 125 design will ensure that the newly launched Modular 125+ range is the first choice solution for installers and specifiers.

If you would like more information about Modular 125+ or want some expert advice regarding your drainage specification, please contact a member of our in-house technical design team.  Contact details are available on this website.

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  1. Brett martin

    Stainless steel channels used outside around a porch do they need to be earth bonded or not I’ve 2 two metre channels that have welded and a sprigot fitted for 100mm underground drainage

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