Balconette’s Hybrid® Orbit Glass Balustrade

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The Hybrid® Orbit system.Outside 11 (1 of 1) - smaller

Clean lines – more view – less obstructions.

The skilful engineering of the Hybrid® Orbit system comprises an aesthetically appealing circular handrail which enables long spans of glass with more view and less obstruction.


  1. Golden retriever lying on balcony surrounded by cushions and food,royal...Uninterrupted views of up to 3.3 metres without posts.
  2. Over 9 metres postless spans for a 3-sided balustrade.
  3. No corner posts or ugly clamps and bolts.
  4. Slim surface mounting.
  5. Rust-free anodised aluminium profiles.
  6. 10 mm toughened glass at a fraction of the weight of structural glass.




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