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The BoxBolt® and BeamClamp® range of safe fixing solutions from Kee Systems are designed to enable steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding.

BeamClamp® – Steel to Steel Clamps
Kee Systems BeamClamp BoxBoltThe BeamClamp® range of high strength clamps are used for connecting steel to steel. The solutions can be used for both temporary or permanent connections and are typically used to connect secondary steel to existing structures.

The clamping system gives the specifier peace of mind that once the connection is made it has a guaranteed safe working load. The connections have the added benefits of providing flexibility for the user during installation and reducing the overall cost. The range is also ideal for areas where drilling or welding is not allowed, or access and power is restricted.

BoxBolt® – Blind Steel Fixings

CE Approved BoxBoltThe CE Approved BoxBolt® blind fixing range of solutions provide a flexible means of joining steel together without the need for on-site drilling, welding, through bolting, strapping or cutting access holes.  The fixings are suitable for connecting into rectangular, square and even circular hollow sections, or where access is restricted to one side only.

BoxBolt® fixings feature a hexagon head design on the body to allow easy installation with a standard spanner and provide a guaranteed connection without the need for on-site verification, as long as installation guidelines are correctly followed.

BeamClampBeamClamp® and BoxBolt® products can be used across all industries where joining steel together is a requirement including building services, infrastructure, steel construction, façade and curtain walling, oil & gas, materials handling and conveyors, transport, solar & wind energy and stadiums.


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