Eurocell leads the sector in sustainable doors and windows

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With plastic pollution possibly proving to be the biggest environmental issue of our time, Eurocell exemplifies commitment to sustainability and developing quality products from recycled material.

From a sustainability perspective, Eurocell’s PVC-U windows are already ahead. First, life expectancy of a PVC-U window is considerable. PVC-U windows have been given a 35-year minimum reference service life by the BRE, with minimal maintenance during this period.

Second, closed loop manufacture results in the plastic element PVC-U windows being re-used up to 10 times. With the 35-year life expectancy, that means the plastic can be used in manufacture for up to 350 years!

Better still, the re-use of PVC-U is an example of ‘upcycling’. Re-processing PVC-U imbues it with additional structural strength and, post-extrusion, results in recycled product being technically superior to those made from virgin material, because the process creates better dispersion of material elements.

For example, our innovative Modus window and door profile system features an intelligent six-chamber single-piece profile design consisting of circa 45% post-consumer recycled material. Modus achieves an A++ Window Energy Rating and U-value of 0.7, which is market-leading performance. Modus delivers a triple benefit to customers – top energy efficiency for lower heating bills, responsible use of materials/resources for sustainability and at lower cost than alternative window materials – timber and aluminium.

Another great example is our range of Cavalok cavity closers, predominantly used in the construction of new build housing. The closers – which are built into the completed wall structure – are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material for maximum material efficiency and are certified by the BBA.

All of this combines to make Eurocell a sustainability leader in its field and that’s why we have just been named Manufacturer of the Year at the highly regarded MRW National Recycling Awards.

NRA18_LOGO_AWARDS_WINNERTo find out more about our passion for sustainability and how Eurocell can assist in delivering buildings that are sustainable, healthy and warm, call the customer services team on 0800 988 7300, visit


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