Timeguard brings all your existing appliances into the Internet of Things

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Smat thinking -combined timing and FCU protction with WiFi controlAt its core, the Internet of Things (IoT) is simply about connecting devices over the internet and letting them talk to each other. You can install expensive smart home controllers, as long as your customers are keen to buy all the compatible devices to go with them…

It’s not surprising that where the IoT is most common, in Britain at least, is home heating and energy use, but do not confuse the roll out of free smart meters that just let people watch how fast they are burning their money with IoT devices that help them to do something about it.

FSTWIFITGV_Head_On_ClosedTimeguard has changed that. Appliances don’t need to be “WiFi ready” to be controlled from a phone any more. All you need to do is replace a fused spur or switch with one of Timeguard’s new FST WiFi units, and pair it with the home WiFi using the free Timeguard App. Then any space or water heater can become part of the Internet of Things. There’s even a weatherproof option to control outdoor heaters and lights.

The new devices put your customers in remote control of the biggest energy guzzlers, be it in their home, a shop or office, a rental property  or a whole accommodation block with shared WiFi access.


FSTWIFI_Settings_ScreenThe App enables them to set on and off times, add an extra ‘boost’ hour if needed, and just to check at-a-glance whether or not something is on or off. They can control multiple FST WiFi units from the App and allocate limited control over specific appliances to sub users such as family members, colleagues tenants etc.

And, of course, this ingenious  unit also provides essential fused spur protection for each appliance.

And, for you, its an easy fox because the Timeguard Fused Spur Timer WiFi is just a direct replacement for the old spur or switch.


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