Smoothing over the winter cracks with exterior fillers for every job

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Winter takes a toll upon properties, highlighting the slightest weakness and opening up the smallest of cracks.

BPi Exterior family[1]But the first signs of spring offer the chance to remedy this damage caused by harsh conditions and now is the time to be planning and preparing for those outdoor jobs. Toupret’s high-quality range of filler products offer an ideal and comprehensive solution. 80-years of experience has gone into creating a range of performance fillers used by professionals globally, and it is a market-leader in the UK.

Each of the five products in Toupret’s exterior fill range has been developed to perform a specific task. These hardy products won’t flash or grin and can be used across renovation and refurbishment jobs, whether for patching, resealing or repairing on any number of surfaces. And what is more, no stabilising solution or bonding primer is required when applying Toupret products to clean, dry, sound substrates.

MUREX is a quality filler that dries tough, producing a rock-hard finish on all exterior substrates, including old painted surfaces. This strong, impact-resistant filler can take bolts and is great for filling deep holes and working areas that require a truly hardy surface. The finished result is paintable in 24-hours.

IMG_4858[1]Masonry repair filler TOUPRELITH F can be shaped without the use of formwork, making it a must for filling and repairs on edging and angles. It can be applied directly to damp substrates, which makes it ideal for working through the British seasons. Like all Toupret powder fillers, this product has no depth limit.

Ready-to-use lightweight paste TOUPRELEX is an exterior ready mixed filler that can be used straight from the tub, filling in just one application and drying super-fast. It’s ready to paint in just one hour, so you can get on with the job in hand without delay or distraction.

By contrast, fibre-reinforced filler and skimmer FIBAREX has a longer working time, allowing you to work on fiddly finishes and fills without rushing. Its superior adherence makes it an ideal choice for filling and skimming across a range of exterior substrates. It is ready to paint in 24-hours and performs well on painted finishes.

18-JBF_3600[2]PLANIREX is a versatile, dedicated skim coat for use on all exterior substrates, including old painted surfaces. Importantly, this high-quality, hardy skimming product can take bolts, before painting in just three-hours. Like all the Toupret range, it is moisture vapour permeable, allowing the substrate to breathe.

Toupret also offers a huge range of filler products for other applications such as interior fillers, skim fillers, levelling coats, surface fillers, wood fillers, specialist decontaminating skimming fillers and air-spray fillers for machine application. See more about the whole Toupret range here.

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