Guidance and advice on changing lift use

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In critical settings like hospitals as well as warehouses, supermarkets, lifts have provided vital support for the movement of people and goods and continue to do so. But elsewhere as companies have had to close doors temporarily… perhaps a longer time than we all hoped for and it’s impacted these buildings.

LOLER thorough examinations, scheduled lift maintenance visits, inactive lifting equipment; lockdown has impacted the basic operation and functions of a lift right across the UK.

With changing guidelines on lockdown, the need to adapt has continued. For the lift industry and lift owners, it’s meant new health and safety requirements regarding the use of lifting equipment.

That’s why we’ve compiled a series of blogs that follows the latest guidance. From escalator & lift cleaning; lift use during social distancing; FAQs – guidance for lift owners during Covid-19 lockdown; preparing your lift for reopening, we’ve covered most COVID related topics.

  • Advice on Leaving Your Lift Inactive – for safe lift travels, as more people are returning to new work normality, checking your “forgotten” and inactive lifting equipment is crucial.

We’ve also been busy innovating and have a range of solutions to help you effectively revitalise your lifting equipment as well as eliminate the spread of covid-19.

It’s business as usual at Stannah, we’ve updated all our practices and taking extra care, supporting our customers wherever and whenever we’re needed.

So if you need help with a lift, we’re ready, simply get in touch.

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