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Poor outdoor air quality, as result of air pollution, has negative impacts on both human health and the natural environment. Whilst levels in some areas have been declining, there are more measures which need to be taken, specifically with regards to Nitrogen Oxides.

Nitrogen Oxides are produced by combustion as emissions from cars, trucks, buses and power plants. Nitrogen Oxides contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, fine particle pollution and are linked with several adverse effects on the respiratory system.

Whilst outdoor air pollution is important, we also need to consider the potential health effects of poor indoor air quality. Indoor air quality can have negative impacts on building occupants, particularly for groups of people with specific sensitivity to pollution including the young, elderly and those who suffer with existing respiratory health conditions.

The impact of air pollutant on human health depends on their toxicity, concentration and exposure period, but with research suggesting that, on average, people spend 90% of their time indoors, the effects can range from odour, to irritation, to more serious toxic effects. In working and learning environments such as offices and schools, poor indoor air quality can significantly impact productivity and impair learning.

Indoor air pollution is created by a mixture of pollutants generated from inside the building and external pollution which migrates indoors.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate that approximately 7,000,000 worldwide will be killed by air pollution every year.

KEIM have two paint solutions that can help neutralise air pollution, for internal – KEIM Ecosil-ME® or external – KEIM Soldalit-ME® use. Both systems are high performance photocatalytic mineral silicate paints and reduces noxious gases and odours, transforming them into natural substances.

Photocatalytic mineral paints provide long-life environmentally friendly, highly light reflective and pollution reducing paint finishes.

Other key features and benefits of KEIM Mineral Paints include easily cleanable, UV stability, incombustibility, extremely low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and resistance to mould and fungal growth.

KEIM Mineral paints are different, because they are manufactured using natural earth oxide pigments and potassium silicate. They do not contain any harmful ingredients such as solvents or petrochemicals and have no detrimental effect on either the substrate, environment or air quality. When applied to mineral substrates, KEIM Mineral paints penetrate into the surface creating a microcrystalline structure which provides an integral protective and decorative finish. This crystalline structure allows free passage of moisture vapour, eliminating blistering and flaking of paint. Mineral paints also protect the surface from the ingress of moisture.

As always, the experts at KEIM can provide on-site support or trials of all products, as well as bespoke training from our field-based team.

If you have a project you would like our advice on, please call us on 01952 231250 or email

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